About Miraz

Miraz is currently pursuing strategic alliances and partnerships with the goal of making a big impact through innovation, vision, execution, and technology.


Miraz's family immigrated from India to Africa in 1873 and fled to England to avoid persecution by Idi Amin in 1970.  Miraz was born in England and immigrated to Canada in 1988.  Miraz's paternal grandfather co-founded the largest and most well diversified manufacturing business in Nairobi Kenya East Africa, called House of Manji.

Miraz studied Commerce & Computer Science at the University of Toronto and founded a small print publishing business called TLAC many moons ago fresh out of the University of Toronto. TLAC stands for Think Like A Champion.  Through the implementation of technology based systems, custom coded software, and best practices in advanced manufacturing, his small studio grew to become the top rated provider of printing and publishing services in Toronto serving clients worldwide and boasting a repertoire of over 6,000 authors.  

In 2005, Miraz was featured in the Globe & Mail & the Financial Post as the top student emerging entrepreneur. Always controversial and strategic, he headlined the article "The Millionaire Jerk Professor" in the Globe & Mail and the article went viral for many years inspiring many young entrepreneurs to follow his lead.

After being accepted into and completing the Next 36's Next Founders accelerator delivered by faculty elite from Harvard, MIT, and Ivey, Miraz is honoured to be this year's Toronto Region Board of Trade Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year (01/26/2015) and endeavours to fully capitalize on all of the lessons learned over the last decade. 

By integrating advanced manufacturing techinques with electrical & computer engineering, he is part of a globally focused movement that is showing the world what it means to be Made-in-Canada.


Team Manji 


Miraz Manji Impact Talent


Toronto Region Board of Trade Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year

“Our goal is to grow our company ten times by offering workflow engineering solutions to Fortune 500 firms.”



Miraz Manji: Today’s Notable Young Entrepreneur

Today’s Notable Young Entrepreneur is Miraz Manji, Founder of TLAC Toronto Printing & Publishing, an innovative 2D/3D design, digital & print publishing technology company headquartered in Toronto that specializes in e-book publishing, 3D printing estimates, event printing, custom self-publishing, and book cover design…







3D Printing Pitch at Next 36's Next Founders Accelerator